CTPP Fellows Win Army War College Writing Awards

Congratulations to our Duke Counterterrorism and Public Policy Fellowship Program (CTPP) fellows COL Dave Butler, COL Ed Croot and COL Matt Gomlak for winning three Army War College Writing Awards for the 2020 academic year. Their exceptional research and writing distinguishes them as significant contributors of ideas and historical perspectives pertaining to national security. You can read more about their distinction here.
The Commandant’s Award for Distinction in Research
COL Dave Butler
Beyond Belief – When Conspiracies Are More Believable Than Truth
Battling the kinetic counter narrative in combat
The AWC Colonel Francis J. Kelly Special Operations Writing Award
COL Ed Croot

There is an Identity Crisis in Special Forces: Who are the Green Berets Supposed to Be?
Colonel and Mrs. T. Bristol History Writing Award
COL Matt Gomlak
A Thousand Dead Indian Horses: Soldiering in a Complex Environment