Sending Special Operations Forces into the Great Power Competition

Professor Tim Nichols, executive director of the Counterterrorism & Public Policy Fellowship Program, has an article in the Small Wars Journal entitled Sending Special Operations Forces into the Great-Power Competition.
Tim Nichols (B.A., UVA; M.A., USF; M.B.A.,NCSU) served as an intelligence officer in the Marine Corps for over 21 years with extensive experience in the special operations and counterterrorism fields. His overseas experience spanned deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, East Africa, Central America, and the Pacific. He was designated a Regional Affairs Officer for East Africa. While in Iraq, he directed a joint interagency task force in tracking and targeting foreign extremists traveling to Iraq for violent activities. Prior to his retirement from the military, Tim taught courses in Leadership, Ethics, and Management at Duke, UNC, and NC State for four years. In addition to his consulting activities, Tim is currently a research fellow and visiting professor of the practice in the School of Public Policy at Duke University. His research interests and teaching responsibilities include intelligence, interagency coordination, national security, homeland security and counterterrorism policy.